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Electric yacht technology

Sustainable electric yacht from Sialia at shore

Electric propulsion is a pivotal innovation in yachting, transforming how yachts traverse the world’s waters. At the forefront of this technological revolution is Sialia Yachts. We are a leader in electric yacht technology. Dedicated to enhancing the yachting experience through advanced, sustainable propulsion systems. 

Sialia’s commitment to cutting-edge technology redefines the standards of luxury and performance. It also underscores a significant shift towards environmental stewardship in the maritime industry.

Advantages such as reduced emissions, lower noise levels, and enhanced energy efficiency make electric yachts a preferred choice for the modern mariner. Seeking a quieter, cleaner, and more sustainable way to explore the seas. Sialia’s electric yachts harness these benefits to deliver performance and comfort.

By integrating state-of-the-art battery systems and electric propulsion technology, Sialia is meeting the demands of eco-conscious yacht owners and setting new benchmarks in power and fun.

The electric propulsion systems for our yachts

At the core of every Sialia yacht, the revolutionary AMPROS drivetrain tec dedicated hallmark of Sialia’s commitment to leading-edge electric propulsion. This system provides a seamless and robust power output that propels Sialia yachts with unmatched precision and reliability. The AMPROS system harnesses the clean, efficient power of electricity.

See through yacht drawing to highlite propulsion system

The electric propulsion systems for our yachts

At the core of every Sialia yacht, the revolutionary AMPROS drivetrain tec dedicated hallmark of Sialia’s commitment to leading-edge electric propulsion. This system provides a seamless and robust power output that propels Sialia yachts with unmatched precision and reliability. The AMPROS system harnesses the clean, efficient power of electricity.

Key benefits of AMPROS drivetrain technology:

Reduced emissions: 

One of the most significant advantages of electric propulsion systems like AMPROS is their zero-emission operation. By eliminating the reliance on fossil fuels, these systems do not produce the harmful pollutants associated with diesel or gasoline engines. 

Increased efficiency: 

Electric motors are inherently more efficient than their internal combustion counterparts. The AMPROS drivetrain converts electrical energy into motion with minimal loss, ensuring that energy use is optimized. This efficiency extends the range and duration of voyages, and also reduces the overall operational costs by cutting down on energy consumption.

Quieter operation: 

Electric propulsion systems are significantly quieter, which is a substantial benefit in luxury yachting. The lack of engine noise enhances the comfort levels aboard. It also allows guests to enjoy the natural sounds of their surroundings, making for a more pleasant and immersive maritime experience.

The integration of AMPROS technology in Sialia yachts exemplifies the perfect blend of performance, sustainability, and luxury. These electric propulsion systems are not merely about powering yachts; they are about transforming the yachting experience, making it cleaner, quieter, and more efficient.

Table with material power battery range extender top speed and range for eacht model

Advanced battery technology

Key features of Sialia’s battery packs:

  • High-Capacity Storage: Sialia yachts utilize battery packs with substantial energy storage capabilities, allowing for extended range and duration of travel. These high-capacity batteries are crucial for maintaining consistent power supply throughout long voyages, making them ideal for luxury yachting where convenience and reliability are paramount.
  • Nominal Voltage Levels: The battery systems in Sialia yachts typically operate at a 666VDC nominal voltage. This higher voltage level is selected to optimize the efficiency of the electrical systems onboard, ensuring that power is delivered smoothly and consistently. The choice of voltage not only affects the performance but also influences the overall energy efficiency of the yacht.
  • Cooling Systems: To maintain optimal battery performance and safety, Sialia incorporates advanced cooling systems within its battery packs. These systems are crucial for preventing overheating and ensuring that the batteries operate within safe temperature ranges. Effective cooling enhances the longevity and reliability of the batteries, which is especially important in the harsh marine environment where temperatures can fluctuate significantly.
  • Safety Features: Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to the powerful battery systems used in yachting. Sialia’s batteries are equipped with multiple safety features, including overcharge protection, thermal monitoring, and automatic shutdown capabilities. These safety mechanisms help prevent potential hazards such as thermal runaway, ensuring that both the yacht and its occupants are protected.

The integration of these advanced battery technologies underscores Sialia’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in electric yachting. By prioritizing high-capacity storage, efficient power management, and rigorous safety standards, Sialia not only enhances the yachting experience but also sets a new benchmark for the industry in electric yacht technology.

Sialia Yacht docked in front of a villa

Propulsion Series Pure: Tailored for Performance

At the heart of Sialia’s performance is the PROPULSION SERIES PURE. A bespoke electric propulsion system designed specifically for medium to large boats. This series ensures that each yacht delivers exceptional speed, agility, and efficiency.

The PURE 800 model: A case study in advanced engineering

  • Motor capabilities: The PURE 800 model is equipped with dual 400kW motors. These high-power motors provide the thrust necessary for dynamic maritime maneuvering and rapid acceleration.  This allows Sialia yachts to glide effortlessly across the water at impressive speeds. 

The robustness of these motors also ensures that the yachts can maintain high performance even under challenging conditions, making them ideal for adventurous seafarers.

  • Energy storage capacity: Accompanying the powerful motors of the PURE 800 is a substantial energy storage system, boasting a total capacity of 1080kWh. This high-capacity battery pack supports prolonged voyages without the need for frequent recharging. It also ensures that energy is available on demand for all onboard systems and amenities.  

The PROPULSION SERIES PURE, with models like the PURE 800, highlights Sialia’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric yacht technology. We enhances both the practical and luxurious aspects of yachting, ensuring that each voyage is as thrilling as it is smooth.

two see trough sialia yachts compering with and without range extender

Future Innovations in Electric Yacht Technology

Sialia is at the forefront of innovation in electric yacht technology. Continually exploring and integrating advancements that enhance the performance, safety, and sustainability of its vessels. 

Future innovations may include more advanced battery chemistries that offer higher energy densities and faster charging times, as well as more integrated solar panel systems that can provide supplementary power for onboard amenities.

The company’s research and development efforts are also focused on enhancing the safety features of electric propulsion. With improvements in battery management systems to prevent any safety hassart. As these technologies evolve, Sialia is poised to incorporate them into upcoming models, ensuring that its yachts remain at the cutting edge of maritime engineering.

technical innovations drawing explaining electrical yacht technology