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Your yacht designed to your needs

Using our design and engineering capabilities we create innovative, high performance electric yachts.

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A Sialia is a representation of her owners taste and a reflection of how they define conscious luxury

Imagine your layout

Create the space of your dreams

Whether it is a weekend away with the family, a romantic sunset cruise or a day filled with watersports Sialia’s layouts are customizable to fit your every need.

Customize your yacht

A large part of the impact of a yacht is defined by production and end of life of a yacht. At Sialia we take this into account when designing the perfect yacht for our customers. This could range from aluminium construction to composites, but also different materials on deck.


To ensure we deliver the right yacht we offer different battery packs. From our largest pack of 1000 kWh to smaller packs coupled with a range extender we will have the right pack for your range and space requirements.

Range extenders

Sialia yachts can be configured with variable rpm, bio-diesel certified, range extenders that offer cruising at 16 knots to a compact unit for increased autonomy and speeds up to 10 knots. Depending on local infrastructure, hydrogen fuel cells are an option for ultimate sustainable cruising.


Our various models provide an excellent starting point for your electric yachting dream. Through optional equiment, roof options and color choices these can be customized to fit your needs

Deck arrangements

Multiple deck arrangements are designed for each of our yachts. All focused on a different need. From facilitating an engaging connection with nature to maximizing comfortable seating at speed to absolute elegance. The volumes above deck work to optimize space under deck as well.

Let’s start creating your sustainable yacht together

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Our standard warranty is 2 years, For the batteries this is extended to 5 years. If desired this can be extended further depending on the usage of the yacht. Please contact us for additional information.

All Sialia yachts are electric realizing a great emmissions reduction during operation, but it does not stop there. At every step of the design phase we take the entire lifecycle into account. This means we optimize the required specifications and performance with the most sustainable materials. This can be seen in the interior materialization, but also in our aluminium volantis line.

On top of conventional maritime safety measures and CE certification requirements a Sialia has a Ship Management System. This system comprises of a wide range of redundant systems to prevent misuse and abuse of the electric drivetrain. It continually informs the user and protects the system to prevent a situation in which you are left without control or drive.

Due to the use of industrial grade batteries, active cooling and the ship management systems our batteries and drivetrain are protected against abuse and misuse.

At Sialia we pride ourselves in the international team we have assembled. With colleagues hailing from, amoungst others, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands this is exemplified.

Due to the high pace of innovation and the different materials used to develop the ultimate electric yachts we need to remain agile in selecting the right shipyards that can deliver high performance yachts made with the highest regard for quality and engineering. Sialia in that sense is a technology company that sells and realizes the end project in line with the optimal solution based on the customers requirements.

Realizing a Sialia is a wonderful process where we put our capabilities at your disposal to create your dream yacht. It starts with an intake to understand your preferences, cruising behaviour and charging possibilities and results in an initial price estimate and design. The next stages involve a large amount of engineering and design capacity. With the intent to buy the rest of the yacht will be detailed and engineered. This allows us to obtain a build slot and prepare a final offer for the yacht. With the contract signature, the experience does not stop. Next steps focus on the development of the interior and other design choices like colors and materials. During the build process we will have regular updates fitting to the major milestones of the build. It all ends with a celebratory delivery to the final owner should this be desired.

Electric drivetrains combined with the experience of Ampros creates many opportunities to not only operate, but also use its strengths while docked. Depending on your needs many opportunities exist. Some examples are: connecting your Sialia to your beach house to charge using solar or store excess energy in the batteries and use in periods of high demand. In a commercial setting a range of Sialia yachts can be used for continuous use ferrying people from different locations with short quick charging at every port of call. Contact us to discuss your local possibilities

In line with our sustainability focus we can also offer hydrogen range extenders on your Sialia. This technology is mature and in use in certain marine applications. This is dependent on your local availability and operational envelope. Please contact us for additional information

The Ampros drivetrain requires very little maintenance compare to internal combustion engines on the motors and battery systems. We propose a yearly coolant flush of the cooling system. All the additional systems are marine components from reputable brands and follow their own maintenace schedules.