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Accelerating the energy transition forward

A different approach is needed to continue to enjoy the marine environment as we do today. We call this conscious luxury.

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A Sialia yacht contributes in shaping the future energy landscape - one that serves the needs of today and tomorrow

Sialia yachts integrate seamlessly into the ecosystem, from design to operation. Beyond propulsion, they support the local grid, drawing or giving back energy as needed.

Explore our versatile system that harnesses renewable electricity, biofuels, and green hydrogen. Also in production, we prioritize sustainability through eco-friendly materials.

Everything is connected

Customized battery, range extender, and interiors based on your needs, charging setup, and eco-fuel availability. It even facilitates local surplus renewable energy storage and utilization.

Sialia understands your energy eco-system. Your batteries can serve as extra powerstation for your bungalow or super yacht.

Meet the team

Whether it’s taking families on new adventures or helping fleets electrify at scale, our yachts all share a common goal — preserving the natural world for generations to come.

Stanislav SzadkowskiFounder & CEO

50 years of experience in entrepreneurship and advanced technology. 15 years of experience as one of the main sponsors of ICPT, one of the most innovative companies in the lithium-ion traction battery market. At the same time, Stan’s passion for sailing led him to contribute to the creation of Sialia yachts.

Tomasz GackoskiFounder & CEO

An engineer with a background in aerospace engineering and 11 years of experience in the development of advanced lightweight structures. Participated in over 30 marine projects related to carbon composites and innovative solutions. He has also contributed to the development of cutting-edge technologies for traction batteries.

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