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Battery Powered

Blue innovative Sialia yacht on water

Sialia Yachts redefines maritime luxury with battery technology at the heart of each vessel. Our advanced battery systems are more than just a power source. They are the cornerstone of a sustainable yachting experience that does not compromise performance or luxury.

At Sialia, we are committed to leading the electric yachting revolution. We craft battery-powered yachts that are as kind to the environment as they are indulgent. With cutting-edge technology, each Sialia yacht offers unmatched efficiency, exceptional range, and smooth, silent cruising.

Embrace the future where maritime adventures are powered by innovation and shaped by sustainability.

The Battery Systems

At the core of each Sialia yacht lies a powerhouse of innovation: our advanced battery systems. Designed to cater to the demands of luxury yachting. Our Battery systems are pivotal in enabling long-range cruising with minimal environmental impact. Sialia Yachts’ battery technologies ensure top performance.

Types of batteries and specifications

At Sialia, we utilize a range of high-capacity, high-efficiency batteries tailored to different yachting needs. Among our flagship configurations is the PURE 800 system, renowned for its impressive 1080kWh Storage capacity.

This system integrates seamlessly into our larger battery-powered yacht models, providing ample power to cover extensive distances without frequent recharging. The batteries operate at a nominal voltage of 666VDC, ensuring energy delivery is efficient and consistent, optimizing the performance of the yacht’s electric propulsion system.

Sustainable powering

Our yacht batteries extend beyond mere propulsion and are a testament to Sialia’s dedication to eco-friendly innovation. By relying on electric power, our yachts eliminate the emissions associated with traditional fuel-powered engines, significantly reducing their environmental footprint.

Our battery-powered yachts are a symbol of luxury and performance.

They are a testament to our shared commitment to reducing carbon emissions. The batteries are engineered to be rechargeable and have a long life cycle, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

Through meticulous design and the integration of advanced technologies, the battery systems in Sialia yachts represent the pinnacle of modern electric yachting:

  • Luxury
  • Efficiency
  • Power
  • Responsibility to the planet.

Advanced technology:
The Ampros drivetrain system

In the quest to deliver unparalleled luxury and performance, Sialia Yachts harnesses the advanced capabilities of the AMPROS drivetrain system. This system represents the zenith of maritime engineering and is designed to optimize every aspect of battery-powered yacht performance, from speed to safety.

System Features and Capabilities
The AMPROS system is renowned for its exceptional storage capacity. This allows Sialia yachts to undertake extended voyages without the frequent need for recharging. With high-efficiency ratings, this drivetrain system ensures that energy is cleverly conserved and utilized to its maximum potential.

Beyond capacity and efficiency
The AMPROS system boasts remarkable output capabilities. It instantly delivers significant power, ensuring Sialia yachts have responsive and robust propulsion. With sophisticated cooling technologies, the system maintains optimal performance even under strenuous conditions, preventing overheating and enhancing the longevity of the system’s components.

Safety and Reliability
Safety is paramount in the design of the AMPROS system. It incorporates advanced safety features that protect against overcharging, overheating, and other potential hazards. These features ensure the safety of the yacht’s occupants and contribute to the system’s durability and reliability over time.

Contribution to yacht performance and reliability

Each feature of Sialia’s battery-powered yacht drivetrain system contributes significantly to overall performance and reliability. The storage capacity and efficiency ensure that owners can enjoy extended periods at sea without concern for energy.

Meanwhile, the powerful output provides the thrust needed to navigate various marine environments, from calm waters to challenging sea conditions. The cooling and safety mechanisms work in concert to maintain system integrity and protect against environmental stresses.

Sialia Yachts adheres to its commitment to innovation and excellence and redefines what is possible in electric yachting, setting new standards for luxury, performance, and reliability on the water.

The Pure electric experience

Embrace the apex of marine propulsion with the PROPULSION SERIES PURE. Specifically designed for the discerning seafarer of medium—to large-size boats, this system exemplifies cutting-edge technology tailored to enhance the maritime journey.

We are providing power, unparalleled smoothness, and silence in operation. Models like the Sialia 1000 and Sialia 700 epitomize this high-performance setup, each equipped to deliver a seamless cruising experience that is both luxurious and environmentally conscious.

The PURE series stands out for its ability to integrate high-capacity battery systems—like the 1080kWh found in the PURE 800 setup—ensuring that each voyage has significant range and robust power availability.

The liquid-cooled components operate at a nominal voltage of 666VDC, which optimizes energy efficiency and provides a stable, reliable power supply.

The signature of sophistication:
Sialia’s electric yachts

As in our flagship models, dual 400kW motors are at the heart of Sialia’s technological prowess. These powerful motors ensure that Sialia yachts have thrust and speed. Integrating high-performance motors underscores our commitment to delivering eco-friendly yachts and powerful vessels.

Complementing our advanced motor setups is the innovative Ship Management System (SMS), a cornerstone of our yachts’ operational excellence. The SMS prevents system failures by continuously monitoring and managing the yacht’s propulsion, power, and navigational systems.

It employs advanced diagnostics to detect and address potential issues before they impact performance, ensuring reliability and safety during every voyage.

Additionally, the system optimizes energy consumption, enhancing the efficiency of every voyage and extending the life span of the yacht’s critical components.

Options for enhanced range

To meet the diverse needs of yachting enthusiasts, Sialia offers options for enhanced range in its battery-powered yachts through biodiesel and hydrogen fuel cells. These range extenders significantly increase the cruising capabilities of Sialia’s yachts, allowing for even longer voyages.

Bio-diesel provides a cleaner and more sustainable option for enhanced range, keeping emissions low while extending the yacht’s travel distance.

For the ultimate eco-friendly technology, hydrogen fuel cells generate power with water as the only byproduct, substantially increasing range and maintaining the purity of the marine environment.

blue Sialia yacht sailing fast before green island

Charging and Infrastructure

Equipped with fast charging capabilities, Sialia Yachts minimize downtime and maximize enjoyment on the water. This allows owners to swiftly recharge their yachts at compatible stations, enhancing convenience and reducing wait times.

In alignment with Sialia’s commitment to sustainability, the charging infrastructure supports various green energy sources. Integrations like solar panels allow for environmentally friendly charging options that benefit the planet and offer greater autonomy off-grid, making battery-powered yachts a superior choice for every mariner.

electric yacht from Sialia at shore