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Performance of Sialia electric yachts

blue Sialia yacht sailing fast before green island

Electric yachting is often shrouded in myths about performance, with some assuming that electric yachts might lag behind their traditional counterparts in speed, agility, and overall handling. 

Sialia electric yachts stand as a testament to the extraordinary capabilities of electric propulsion. We combine cutting-edge engineering with sustainable technology to deliver outstanding performance that rivals and often surpasses that of traditional fuel-powered yachts.

Sialia’s performance is driven by a blend of powerful dual electric motors and advanced hull designs meticulously crafted by leading naval architects. The Sialia 45 Sport features 2x 300 kW motors, while the more robust Sialia 59 boasts 2x 400 kW motors. These yachts offer leisurely cruising and dynamic sailing experiences. 

With top speeds reaching over 25 knots and maximum ranges enabling extended voyages, Sialia yachts break the mold. We demonstrate that electric yachts can provide the thrill and endurance that today’s discerning yachters expect.

Power and propulsion

Electric yachts designed by Sialia Yachts represent a quantum leap in maritime luxury and technology. At the heart of each electric yacht lies a sophisticated power system driven by next-generation, battery-powered motors. These systems allow for silent navigation through pristine waters. The silence of electric propulsion enriches the connection between the yacht and the natural world, enhancing the sensory experience of every voyage.

Transparant Sialia yacht highliting batteries and engine for propulsion

Speed capabilities

Speed is crucial to yacht performance, and Sialia yachts do not disappoint. With their advanced electric motors, these yachts achieve top speeds that rival or surpass those of traditional fuel-powered yachts, demonstrating that eco-friendly designs can deliver exhilarating speed without sacrificing environmental responsibility.

Integrating high-powered motors and cutting-edge hull designs in the Sialia yachts ensures optimal performance. These electric yachts are fast and powerful. They offer the added benefits of quieter operation and lower environmental impact.

  • Sialia 45 Sport: It is equipped with dual 300 kW motors, offering a combined output of 600 kW, enabling brisk acceleration and responsive handling. 
  • Sialia 59 Series (Weekender, Runabout, Sport, Tender, and Loft): These models step up performance with dual 400 kW motors, bringing the total power to an impressive 800 kW.
  • Sialia 80 Explorer: The range’s flagship, designed for extended cruising with a focus on sustainability and robust performance. The specific motor configuration continues to align with the high-output standards seen in the smaller models, ensuring consistent performance across the board.
two yachts sailing fast

Battery efficiency and range:

Sialia electric yachts feature advanced battery technology designed to support extended periods at sea. This enhancement is vital to extending the yachts’ range and longevity.

We use lithium-ion batteries known for their high energy density, allowing more power storage in a compact space. This maximizes usable space within the yacht while providing sufficient power for long journeys.

Advances in battery technology have significantly increased the range of Sialia yachts. With the Endurance pack, the Sialia 45 Sport can achieve a maximum range of 164 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 25 knots. The Endurance pack, which adds 200 kWh of battery storage, provides a longer range, improved performance, and extended time at anchor.

The batteries maintain their capacity over many charging and discharging cycles, extending the yacht’s service life and enhancing overall value for owners. 

The progression in battery technology used in Sialia yachts represents a leap forward in electric yachting, enabling longer and more enjoyable voyages. These advancements highlight Sialia’s commitment to performance, innovation, and sustainability.

tabel with Sialia yacht performance stats

Stability and handling performance

  • Optimized Hull Designs: Sialia yachts feature hulls designed by renowned naval architects, focusing on hydrodynamic efficiency to reduce drag and enhance stability.
  • Weight Distribution: The strategic placement of batteries low in the hull contributes significantly to stability. Sialia yachts enjoy enhanced steadiness and reduced rolling and pitching by lowering the center of gravity.
  • Improved Stability: The electric propulsion system’s weight distribution benefits are complemented by the quiet operation of the motors, reducing vibration and contributing to a smoother ride. 

The design and construction of Sialia yachts incorporate advanced engineering techniques to ensure exceptional stability and handling, which are essential for comfort and safety at sea. Hull designs focus on hydrodynamic efficiency to maintain balance and smooth navigation, even in choppy waters. 

bottom of a sialia yacht
Sialia yacht sailing making a turn

Long-term performance benefits:

Electric propulsion systems enhance the performance of Sialia yachts and offer advantages in terms of durability and maintenance. The robustness and longevity of electric systems, combined with fewer maintenance requirements, result in significant benefits.

  • Electric systems’ durability: The electric systems in Sialia yachts, including motors and batteries, are known for their robustness and longevity.
  • Reduced maintenance requirements: Electric motors require significantly less maintenance than internal combustion engines.
  • Less wear and tear: With fewer moving parts and less mechanical stress, the propulsion systems of Sialia yachts experience reduced wear and tear over time. 
  • Lower operational costs: Electric propulsion’s efficiency results in lower energy costs. Combined with reduced maintenance expenses, the total cost of ownership for a Sialia yacht is significantly less than that of yachts with traditional propulsion systems.