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News overview
11.11 — 2023

Sialia Unveils Innovative Range of Fully Electric Yachts: Sialia 59

Introducing Sialia’s next generation of electric yachts, the 59 series.

Sialia Yachts is thrilled to present the highly anticipated Sialia 59 range, a remarkable display of serene and environmentally conscious luxury on the water. Merging exquisite craftsmanship with groundbreaking electric propulsion, these yachts redefine the standards of sustainable boating.


Founded in 2017 by a visionary team with extensive experience in e-mobility and modern eco-solutions, Sialia has quickly established itself as a pioneering designer and manufacturer of bespoke electric yachts. Renowned for its technical expertise, the company delivers exceptional performance through a highly efficient AMPROS-developed propulsion system.

At the forefront of innovation, Sialia Yachts ushers in a new era of cutting-edge craftsmanship, showcasing an unwavering commitment to detail. These vessels epitomize silent and emission-free travel, revolutionizing the industry with speed capabilities of up to 25 knots and more in just seven seconds — an unparalleled offering in the market. Leveraging superyacht technology, Sialia Yachts is the premier choice for discerning individuals who prioritize sustainability and seek an immersive cruising experience.


Embarking on a bold new voyage, Sialia Yachts unveils the Sialia 59 range, representing a seamless evolution from the renowned Sialia 57 model, encompassing Sialia and Sialia Volantis lines. Following a stunning debut at the prestigious Palma International Yacht Show, anticipation grows for the brilliance that awaits these electric marvels.


Designed by Denis Popov Design Studio, the Sialia 59 line offers a collection of carbon electric yachts that exemplify elegance, innovation, and outstanding performance. Comprising the Sialia 59 Weekender, Sialia 59 Runabout, and Sialia 59 Sport models, this range showcases refined aesthetics and unrivaled customization options, ensuring that each vessel can be tailored to individual preferences. The 17.6-meter-long yachts are made entirely of carbon fiber, making them strong and durable but also ultralight and fast.

From versatile layouts to luxurious finishes, the Sialia 59 line guarantees the highest safety and performance, made possible by the shipyard’s cutting-edge battery system. Depending on the selected battery package it is possible to anchor for up to a week leaving enough charge to get back to the marina.

Sialia 59 Weekender

The Sialia 59 Weekender is an all-around cruiser designed for luxurious exploration. Equipped with a spacious and air-conditioned cockpit, multiple lounge areas, and a wide beach club with folding sides, this yacht provides ample space for entertainment and relaxation. In addition, she features a garage capable of housing a 3.3m tender, ensuring convenient water transportation. Her thoughtfully crafted layout encourages socializing and relaxation and can comfortably accommodate up to 4 guests and one crew member, guaranteeing a memorable and comfortable time for everyone on board.

Sialia 59 Runabout

The Sialia 59 Runabout is a genuine style icon, distinguished by its sleek lines and visually pleasing symmetry. Her standout feature is a wraparound windscreen that, along with a full bow, ensures optimal protection from the elements for guests and crew. The 4.8m bow maximizes interior volume, offering space to accommodate up to 4 guests and one crew member.  Inside, the yacht showcases a variety of amenities, including a spacious salon inspired by the opulent interiors found in private jets and limousines.

Sialia 59 Sport

The Sialia 59 Sport is a high-speed center-console day cruiser designed for thrilling experiences on the water. Its spacious deck provides room for sun lounging and entertainment, creating an ideal setting for leisurely enjoyment. With a beach club featuring folding sides, a tender garage, and a protected four-person helm station, this yacht guarantees the ultimate silent driving experience. On the inside, the boat surprises with a welcoming space comprising a fully equipped pantry, a lounge area, a day head, and various berth options. The Sialia 59 Sport seamlessly combines exhilarating performance with comfort and versatility.


The Sialia 59 Volantis line introduces a selection of aluminum electric yachts, including the Sialia Volantis 59 Tender and Sialia Volantis 59 Commuter models. Aimed at individuals who prioritize minimizing their environmental impact while enjoying peaceful exploration on the water, the Volantis line combines Sialia’s advanced propulsion technology with the most sustainable manufacturing approach.

The production of the Volantis units takes place in cooperation with the esteemed Dutch office Vripack, known for its expertise in yacht deisgn and naval architecture. In addition, the visionary Denis Popov Design Studio contributes its creative input to the elegant aesthetics of the Volantis line. The aluminum construction of these yachts reduces delivery time and enables a higher level of personalization.

Sialia Volantis 59 Tender

The Sialia Volantis 59 Tender is a versatile cruiser capable of exploring new waters. Its open deck layout, center console, and generous capacity provide plenty of space for passengers to move around. With a utilitarian design that emphasizes safety and functionality, this yacht is well-suited for a range of activities, including fishing, swimming, or simply appreciating picturesque views in pure silence. Whether embarking on a leisurely cruise or pursuing adventurous exploration, the Sialia Volantis 59 electric Tender guarantees unforgettable memories on the water.

Sialia Volantis 59 Commuter

The Sialia Volantis 59 Commuter represents a sleek and stylish cruiser engineered for exhilarating seafaring. Its center-orientated cockpit provides optimal protection from sun and wind, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride. With a minimalist design, the yacht achieves maximum performance for an efficient voyage. Equipped with comfortable seating, modern instrumentation, and superior maneuverability, the Sialia Volantis 59 Commuter offers a distinctive and quiet drive, boasting a cruising speed of 18 knots.


Sialia Yachts is driven by the philosophy of creating masterpieces that blend unique naval architecture with pioneering electric propulsion technology. With unwavering dedication, each yacht is carefully tailored to the buyer’s specific vision and requirements. The AMPROS propulsion system, scalable up to 6MW, delivers optimized efficiency and a one-of-a-kind sailing experience.

“Our vision at Sialia Yachts is to create extraordinary masterpieces that seamlessly merge exceptional naval architecture with groundbreaking electric propulsion technology[KP1] ,” says Mr. X. “The future of yachting and the solutions that will shape it remain the key element of Sialia’s philosophy. We are thrilled to witness a growing enthusiasm among customers who recognize the potential of electric yachts without compromising on performance and luxury. The Sialia 59 line exemplifies our shipyard’s pioneering role in the emerging sector of exclusive, sustainable, fully-electric motor yachts.”

From the carbon mastery showcased in the Sialia 59 line to the aluminum elegance displayed in the Volantis range, Sialia’s vessels epitomize sophistication, high performance, and customization. Unlike most boats introduced to the market, Sialia yachts are built to last. With a steadfast commitment to eco-consciousness and advanced technology, the company is at the forefront of shaping the future of yachting.

For further inquiries or additional information regarding the new Sialia 59 series, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Sialia Yachts:

Sialia is a thought-leading designer and builder of electric custom yachts. Established in 2017, the company specializes in advanced fully electric vessels, offering a diverse range of bespoke, high-performance units crafted from carbon fiber, and aluminum with a focus on sustainability and luxury.