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News overview
01.1 — 2023

Presenting the most sustainable super yacht chase vessel: Sialia 59 Loft

Presenting the Versatile Sialia 59 Loft

Sialia Yachts, a leader in eco-luxury yachting, is proud to unveil the Sialia 59 Loft, a groundbreaking superyacht chase vessel that extends sustainability and onboard comfort to its mothership.

The Loft represents the ecosystem approach for a superyacht chase vessel. Not only does it replace multiple single-purpose tenders, but it enables any yacht to improve its operations and carbon footprint. This is achieved through its design, which elegantly combines three distinct functions into a single yacht. At night, the Loft truly excels. The various systems enable Sialia yachts to operate silently and emission-free, providing electric power overnight for peaceful stays at anchor.

Key highlights include:

From a design perspective, one of the most enchanting spaces aboard the yacht is “The Nest”. At the heart of the boat, it offers breathtaking panoramic views and immerses passengers in the Loft’s serene performance. The bow area smoothly blends with the main cockpit, unveiling a radiant lounge, a generously appointed dayhead, and a guest-serving bar while maintaining a seamless connection with the surrounding environment.

The Sialia 59 Loft’s aft deck transforms into a versatile beach club, serving as an ideal setting for watersports, leisurely relaxation, or provisioning trips for the crew.

On the technical front, the vessel features cutting-edge technology, showcasing Sialia’s proprietary battery solutions and a sophisticated Ship Management System (SMS). Complementing this is the powerful Ampros electric propulsion system, a staple in every Sialia unit. Owners gain the capability to monitor and command the yacht’s operations from any corner of the globe.

The boat can recharge its batteries using sustainable sources, and this power can be utilized to supply the mothership with energy. It is versatile in using a diverse range of sustainable fuels for both propulsion and generating power for the mothership. Thanks to the onboard hydrogen storage and fuel cell, it can silently produce power and generate significant amounts of H2O. Moreover, the onboard range extender is HVO diesel-ready, enabling the loft to complete long-distance passages at cruising speeds, recharge its batteries, and provide the mothership with electricity, all while maintaining low emissions.

For further information about the Sialia 59 Loft and Sialia Yachts, please feel free to contact us.


General specifications

LOA . . . . . . . . .18.1 m

Beam . . . . . . . .5.0 m

Draft . . . . . . . .1.0 m

Displacement . . . .22 tons

Speed (max) . . . . .22 knots

Speed (cruise) . . . .15 knots

Motor power . . . . .2x 400kW

Charging AC          22 kW

Charging DC          150kW

Capacity . . . . . . .12

Certificate . . . . . .CE B

Material . . . . . . .Carbon Epoxy Sandwich