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Electric Tender

Sialia 59 Electric Tender sailing

Discover Sialia’s electric tenders, where innovation meets elegance. We create compact and efficient vessels that serve as the perfect auxiliary crafts for larger yachts. Providing an impeccable solution for short trips and ship-to-shore transport. 

With their sleek contours and advanced electric propulsion, Sialia tenders offer a seamless blend of style and functionality, making them a must-have for any discerning yacht owner.

Sialia electric tenders redefine the journey. Experience the tranquility of silent operation, which allows you to glide through the waters without disturbing the serene sounds of the sea. This quiet performance and zero emissions underscores a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Embrace the elegance of Sialia’s innovation and enjoy what these state-of-the-art tenders bring to every voyage.

The advantages of a tender with electric propulsion

Electric propulsion at the heart of Sialia’s tenders, provide numerous benefits that enhance the yachting experience. Key is the silent operation of our electric motors. This allows passengers to enjoy the natural ambiance of their surroundings without the intrusive noise associated with traditional engines. 

  • Quiet sailing: The quietness is particularly valuable when navigating near wildlife or serene coastal areas, making every journey feel more intimate and connected to the environment.
  • Zero emissions: Sialia electric tenders boast zero emissions. By eliminating the release of harmful pollutants into the air and water, our tenders comply with increasingly strict marine conservation regulations. 

Reduced maintenance: Significant advantage of electric propulsion is the reduced maintenance it requires compared to conventional fuel-powered engines. Without the need for oil changes, fuel filters, or exhaust system maintenance, electric tenders offer a hassle-free solution. This reliability and ease of maintenance ensure that Sialia tenders are always ready for a spontaneous escape to the shore or a peaceful exploration of nearby waters.

Each of these features—silence, sustainability, and simplicity—contributes to the overall appeal of electric tenders.

Electric Tender from Sialia sailing to shore

Design and performance

Sialia electric tenders are meticulously crafted to balance luxury with practicality. Ensuring every design element serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. The compact size of these tenders enhances their maneuverability. This makes them ideal for navigating tight spaces near marinas or secluded coves. 

Despite their smaller footprint, these vessels do not compromise on comfort or style. They are outfitted with high-quality materials and sleek, modern finishes that reflect the luxury expected of Sialia products.

Performance is at the core of Sialia electric tenders. Equipped with powerful electric motors, these tenders offer impressive speed capabilities that ensure quick and efficient travel between the main yacht and shore.

The responsiveness and agility provided by the advanced propulsion systems make each ride exceptionally smooth, catering to the comfort and safety of all onboard.

Battery technology in Sialia tenders is designed for endurance and efficiency. With substantial battery life, these tenders can operate for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging. When charging is necessary, the systems are optimized for rapid recharge times, minimizing downtime and maximizing usability. 

Sialia electric tenders are a superior choice for yacht owners seeking a blend of practicality, luxury, and environmental responsibility. Whether used for leisurely explorations or essential transport, these tenders enhance the yachting experience with unmatched elegance and efficiency.

Seamless integration with main vessels

Sialia tenders are engineered for effortless integration with their larger counterparts. These tenders feature compact dimensions that facilitate easy storage within the yacht’s tender garage. Utilizing advanced hoisting and docking systems that allow for quick deployment and retrieval. 

This efficiency ensures transitions between the tender and the main yacht are as smooth as possible. Moreover, the electrical systems of Sialia tenders are designed to synchronize perfectly with those of the main yachts. This includes compatible charging systems connected directly to the yacht’s power supply.

Sialia Electric Tender next to a super yacht

Explore our electric models

Discover the full range of Sialia electric yachts, each uniquely designed to cater to specific yachting preferences and requirements:

two Electric Tenders from Sialia sailing fast

Sialia 45 Range:

  • Sialia 45 Sport: Offers extreme electric performance and extended range, making it the perfect introduction to luxury electric yachting.

Sialia 59 Range:

  • Sialia 59 Weekender: Engineered for comfort and versatility with spacious living areas and advanced climate control, ideal for luxurious weekend getaways.
  • Sialia 59 Runabout: Aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical, this stylish day boat is tailored for social outings and day trips.
  • Sialia 59 Sport: A quick center-console day cruiser that boasts ample deck space, designed for those who enjoy active, dynamic sailing.
  • Sialia 59 Launch: Perfect for those who seek a stylish yet functional yacht for short, luxurious trips.
  • Sialia 59 Tender: Unleashes the seas’ wonders with a versatile design that provides ample space and comfort for passengers. This premium yacht is perfect for exploring new waters responsibly.
  • Sialia 59 Loft: Offers expansive interior spaces with luxury amenities designed for those who value comfort and elegance on the water.

Sialia 80 Explorer:

Sialia 80 Explorer: Combines the expertise of Vripack’s naval design with Sialia’s cutting-edge electric propulsion technology, creating a yacht that is both capable of long-range cruising and environmentally conscious, suitable for the most adventurous explorers.

Sialia 80 Explorer

Sialia 59 Tender: The best choice for an electric tender

With its versatile design, the 59 Tender provides ample space for 12 passengers to move around. Dive into pure comfort.

Sialia 59 Electric Tender sailing fast

Explore More:

  • Passengers: Up to 12 people
  • Motor Power: 2x 400 kW
  • Maximum Speed: 25+ knots
  • Max. Battery Capacity: 1 MWh

The perfect electric aluminum vessel for exploring new waters with its versatile deck design.

Integrated design approach:

Our approach mirrors race car design, constantly optimizing weight, balance, naval architecture, and secondary systems for sustainable performance and durability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Battery: 350 kWh (min), 1000 kWh (max)
  • Weight: 19000 kg
  • Passengers: 12 people
  • Length: 18 meters
  • Width: 4.8 meters
  • Speed: 22 knots
  • Motor: 2 x 400 kW
  • Continuous Power: 100 kW
  • Charging: 22 kW AC, 150 kW DC

Why the Sialia 59 Tender is ideal as a tender

Versatile and spacious design:

The Sialia 59 Tender is designed with versatility in mind, providing ample space for passengers to move around comfortably. 

High performance with electric propulsion:

Equipped with powerful dual electric motors, the Sialia 59 Tender delivers exceptional speed and responsiveness. Ensuring quick and efficient transport for tender duties where time and ease of movement are critical. The electric propulsion also ensures silent and emission-free operation, which is particularly advantageous in sensitive marine habitats or quiet harbors.

Optimized for comfort and ease of use:

This model features user-friendly controls and a stable design, making it suitable for various users, whether yacht staff or guests. The ease of use is a significant advantage for a tender, which might be operated by different individuals. Additionally, the Sialia 59 Tender offers enough seating and comfort amenities to transport guests in style and luxury.

Efficient charging and maintenance:

The Sialia 59 Tender is designed with a practical charging system compatible with the main yacht’s power sources, facilitating easy and fast charging. Its maintenance requirements are minimal due to the simplicity of electric systems compared to traditional fuel-based engines.

People enjoying champgne on the stern of a Sialia Electric Yacht