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Sialia Yachts is proud to introduce the Sialia 45 Sport, a powerful electric yacht engineered for exceptional performance, luxury, and long-range eco-cruising.

Designed as the perfect entry point to electric yachting, the Sialia 45 Sport is a day cruiser that recognizes no compromise and can be tailored to the owner’s exact preferences. This innovative model was developed in response to extensive customer and market research. Construction on the first 45 Sport is set to commence in the summer of 2024.

Class-leading speed and range

The carbon fiber construction ensures class-leading speed and range. With her sleek hull designed by Petestep, the Sialia 45 guarantees a comfortable and dry journey. She cruises at 25 knots and reaches a top speed of up to 43 knots, offering a range of more than 70 nm in the pure electric version and a staggering 164 nm when fitted with a range extender.

Integrated solar panels reduce environmental impact by harnessing the sun’s energy to keep onboard systems running. Thanks to advanced charging technology, including the ability to charge with up to 350 kW of DC power, this unit is the fastest-charging electric yacht on the market while also compatible with AC shore power at any marina.


Complete customization to each owner’s needs

The 45ft yacht can be customized with three distinct trim levels: Active, Plus, and Premium, each providing an increasing level of opulence and material quality.

The Sialia 45 Sport can be configured according to each owner’s needs, with 2 layouts to choose from. The Sandbar offers a dynamic setting for adventure with friends, boasting sport seating for 6 and an exterior galley. The Lounge layout, on the other hand, is designed for relaxation and family enjoyment, providing ample sunbathing space with benches for 8, an enlarged lounger aft, and a full dining table for alfresco dining.

Three drivetrain options address different boating needs: Scout prioritizes coastal cruising, Performance exudes pure electric efficiency, and Range balances electric performance and long-distance navigation.

A luxurious yet sporty boat

“We recognized a demand in the market for a smaller model that offers an electric experience at an easier entry point,” explains Stanislav Szadkowski, Founder & CEO of Sialia Yachts.

He adds: “Opting for a 45-foot size allows for versatility and accessibility, fitting into most marinas and manageable for single operators. Our decision stemmed from thorough market research, aiming to create a luxurious yet sporty boat capable of traveling from Miami to the Bahamas​​ with a speed of 25 knots on electric power.”

“We’ve optimized design, materials, and drivetrains globally, ensuring uncompromised electric yachting. Introducing clear trim levels and a wide range of drivetrain options, supported by an online configurator, enhances transparency and ease for prospective buyers. Collaborations with naval architecture studio Petestep for hull design and Denis Popov Design signify our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and innovation.”

Discover endless possibilities to personalize your Sialia 45 sport yacht. Visit our website and explore the online configurator to design your perfect Sialia 45 Sport!

For more information about the boat, feel free to contact the team.


LOA: 13.7 m

Beam: 4.1 m

Draft: 0.85 m

Displacement: Up to 10 tons

Capacity: 12

Certificate: CE B

Speed: Up to 43 knots

Material: Glass & Carbon

Combining Sialia’s experience in luxury electric yachting and Vripack’s expertise in marine yacht design, Sialia 80 Explorer embodies long-range navigation in complete harmony.

Developed in collaboration with Designer and Naval Architect Vripack, Sialia Yachts is proud to introduce the Sialia 80 Explorer to its product line. The Sialia 80 is Sialia’s most advanced vessel to date, promising electric cruising with all the autonomy needed to travel the world in ultimate tranquillity and safety.

The Sialia 80 provides superyacht comfort during navigation and features a state-of-the-art AMPROS propulsion system tailored for luxury electric yachts. Vripack, known for his cutting-edge naval architecture, brought his expertise to ensure that the unit embodies both functional innovation and aesthetics.

“We strongly believe that a holistic approach to yacht design leads to a satisfying experience. Proper naval architecture accommodates the exciting exterior aesthetics and playful layout and ensures efficient and safe cruising. Utterly important in the case of electric propulsion. It is this holistic approach to yacht design, that makes it the best investment you can make. An efficient and safe hull carries through the lifetime of the yacht without any maintenance.” – Joost Mertens, Fleet & Sales Manager at Vripack

Sialia 80 Explorer design philosophy

Sialia 80 Explorer stands out in the market with several distinctive features that integrate interior and exterior elements. The master cabin is thoughtfully located, offering direct access to the water and beach club, a characteristic attributed to the proximity of the electric drive. This design ensures calm and quiet operation, providing the owner with a peaceful and undisturbed experience on board.

The boat’s design philosophy extends to the multi-level yet open main deck, where connectivity and spaciousness have been considered. Exterior glazing with a unique diamond pattern, along with expansive mullion-less windows, creates an airy atmosphere, connecting passengers to the natural surroundings.

“While eco-friendly yachting is still a niche, progress toward cleaner technologies is inevitable. The speed of this change depends on our daily efforts and commitment to
a greener future. Sialia 80 Explorer is designed to redefine exploration and sustainability; to thrive in a variety of environmental conditions, travelling to some of the world’s most remote locations in silence and with minimal environmental impact, ” says Stanislav Szadkowski, Co-founder and CEO of Sialia Yachts.

Sialia 80 Explorer key features

Built entirely in high-grade marine-type aluminium, at almost 26,6 meters in overall length and 8.50 meters in width, Sialia 80 Explorer can accommodate up to 12 passengers in 4 guest cabins and 2 crew berths. Powered by 2 x 400 kW electric motors, she achieves speeds of over 11 knots and a range of 3,000+ nm, facilitated by an 800-kWh battery capacity and 2 variable RPM range extenders, ensuring redundancy and reliability in all critical areas.

Purposefully crafted for serene ocean cruising, as well as within territorial waters and Environmentally Controlled Areas (ECA), the yacht manoeuvres extreme environmental conditions with ease.

The official integration of Sialia 80 Explorer into the company’s product lineup signifies
a step forward in Sialia’s dedication to advancing the future of sustainable boating.

More information: info@sialia-yachts.com

Presenting the Versatile Sialia 59 Loft

Sialia Yachts, a leader in eco-luxury yachting, is proud to unveil the Sialia 59 Loft, a groundbreaking superyacht chase vessel that extends sustainability and onboard comfort to its mothership.

The Loft represents the ecosystem approach for a superyacht chase vessel. Not only does it replace multiple single-purpose tenders, but it enables any yacht to improve its operations and carbon footprint. This is achieved through its design, which elegantly combines three distinct functions into a single yacht. At night, the Loft truly excels. The various systems enable Sialia yachts to operate silently and emission-free, providing electric power overnight for peaceful stays at anchor.

Key highlights include:

From a design perspective, one of the most enchanting spaces aboard the yacht is “The Nest”. At the heart of the boat, it offers breathtaking panoramic views and immerses passengers in the Loft’s serene performance. The bow area smoothly blends with the main cockpit, unveiling a radiant lounge, a generously appointed dayhead, and a guest-serving bar while maintaining a seamless connection with the surrounding environment.

The Sialia 59 Loft’s aft deck transforms into a versatile beach club, serving as an ideal setting for watersports, leisurely relaxation, or provisioning trips for the crew.

On the technical front, the vessel features cutting-edge technology, showcasing Sialia’s proprietary battery solutions and a sophisticated Ship Management System (SMS). Complementing this is the powerful Ampros electric propulsion system, a staple in every Sialia unit. Owners gain the capability to monitor and command the yacht’s operations from any corner of the globe.

The boat can recharge its batteries using sustainable sources, and this power can be utilized to supply the mothership with energy. It is versatile in using a diverse range of sustainable fuels for both propulsion and generating power for the mothership. Thanks to the onboard hydrogen storage and fuel cell, it can silently produce power and generate significant amounts of H2O. Moreover, the onboard range extender is HVO diesel-ready, enabling the loft to complete long-distance passages at cruising speeds, recharge its batteries, and provide the mothership with electricity, all while maintaining low emissions.

For further information about the Sialia 59 Loft and Sialia Yachts, please feel free to contact us.



General specifications

LOA . . . . . . . . .18.1 m

Beam . . . . . . . .5.0 m

Draft . . . . . . . .1.0 m

Displacement . . . .22 tons

Speed (max) . . . . .22 knots

Speed (cruise) . . . .15 knots

Motor power . . . . .2x 400kW

Charging AC          22 kW

Charging DC          150kW

Capacity . . . . . . .12

Certificate . . . . . .CE B

Material . . . . . . .Carbon Epoxy Sandwich

After a successful appearance at the Cannes Yachting Festival, where the company unveiled its flagship, the Sialia 57 Deep Silence, the team is preparing for the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). With the prestigious Sustainability Hub as a backdrop, Sialia Yachts is ready to make waves again.

The Sustainability Hub, a dedicated space for environmentally-conscious marine enthusiasts, provides the ideal platform for Sialia Yachts to champion its unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation. It serves as a platform for well-established companies providing proven green alternatives and emerging start-ups aiming to make a significant impact in the yachting industry through revolutionary concepts. Here, Sialia Yachts aims to showcase the cutting-edge technology integrated into the yachts, remarkable design and the company’s holistic approach to eco-friendly practices without compromising performance.

On Thursday, September 28th, Sialia Yachts will take the stage at the Sustainability Hub with a presentation titled: “The Loft: Taking an Ecosystem Approach to Yacht and Tender Operations”. During this conference, the company will delve deeper into its strategies, emphasizing environmental responsibility and operational efficiency, further highlighting its commitment to sustainable yachting practices.

While the Silaia 57 Deep Silence won’t be part of the official MYS exhibit, it will be available for sea trials in the vicinity and will present a unique opportunity for prospective clients to experience the vessel’s exceptional capabilities firsthand.

The Monaco Yacht Show marks a significant milestone for the Sialia Yachts brand, as it positions itself among the elite players in the yachting industry. It is an unparalleled opportunity to network and collaborate with industry leaders, showcasing Sialia’s dedication to the concept of “conscious luxury” with an unwavering commitment to the environment.

As Sialia Yachts navigates the Monaco Yacht Show, we invite you to celebrate a future where luxury and sustainability harmoniously coexist — a future defined by innovation, responsibility, and unparalleled maritime experiences.

To schedule a meeting at the boat show, please feel free to contact the team: info@sialia-yachts.com